March 3 - 5, 2017

Vegan Wellness Weekend 3-Day
Naturopathy & Culinary Immersion

Dahlia Campus for Health and Wellbeing - Denver, CO

3401 Eudora St.
Denver, CO 80207
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Early-bird registration ends 1/31 and space is limited.


Discover simple solutions to making delicious vegan meals and easy ways to incorporate healthy nutrients into your busy life.

Are you confused by which foods to eat and which supplements to take to stay healthy this spring?

Do you desire to have enough time to properly prepare complete, nutritious and tasty meals for yourself and your family?

Are you looking to boost your immune system before the end of spring and go into the summer with a new outlook on health?

If you answered yes, this workshop is for you!

And...if you take the time to learn some of these simple techniques, habits and recipes, it will help ensure success in committing to a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to study closely with an award winning chef and author and a knowledgable Naturopathic doctor. And empower yourself to take your health back into your own hands with this exclusive culinary and naturopathic health retreat.

This spring retreat will focus on staying healthy and taking advantage of the best nutrients and vitamins during this season.

Learn how to protect yourself from possible illness by learning which nutrients are important during the spring months.

What You Will Learn...

- Better understand the benefits of immune supportive foods.
- Prepare delicious vegan recipes that will nourish you and impress your friends and family.
- Enjoy meeting others with a similar interest in health and healing.
- Experience greater creativity and confidence in the kitchen.
- Receive recommendations on herbs and supplements.
- Get all of your questions answered by a knowledgable Naturopathic doctor.

Thank you for teaching me new ways to nurture myself as well as my family. [This] workshop has been inspiring and it has awakened me from ‘going through the motions’ of preparing meals for my family. Just being able to incorporate some of the things you have taught me, as well as some of the vegan menus will serve my entire family well. – Dawn Ellis

I would recommend this workshop to anyone even remotely curious about vegan or raw cuisine….or even just for a fun time and some great meals!! I look forward to doing a 10-day training. – Lisa Portnoff

What You Will Receive...

- 5 gourmet vegan feasts with recipes ($155 value)
- Naturopathy tips, resources and recipes booklet ($20 value)
- 15 full hours of instruction over 3 days ($900 value)
- A lifetime of knowledge (priceless)

Total Value: $1,075


$497 (only $397 during early-bird registration through 10/31)
Space is limited.



$497 (only $397 during early-bird registration through 10/31)
Space is limited.